Shell Collection, 2022

A memory capsulating collection inspired by a seaside fishing trip to Guangzhou Nansha beach.

Shells are the memento of this trip, using a wax engraving technique to merge a natural seashell with 18ct molten gold, designed to capture the motion of catching fish and the shape of a broken fishing net.

The earrings take their structure from forms of different deep-sea creatures, capturing the memory and wonders of the sea and exploring humankind’s connection with it.

The ring completes the collection with an ocean evoking aquamarine on a gold net design.

Shell Earrings

Material: 18ct Gold, 6.16ct Diamond, 0.8ct White Sapphire
Weight: 28.83g


Shell Necklace

Material: 18ct Gold, 1.653ct Diamond, 1.72ct Aquamarine
Weight: 10.369g


Shell Ring

Material: 18ct Gold, 0.9ct Diamond, 3ct Aquamarine
Weight: 12.22g