Guoguohulu Grasshopper Gourd, 2022

This piece is inspired by the Cocoon 2021 collection and a popular Chinese traditional toy of early antiquity, traditionally carved from wood. People use the Guoguohulu as a container to hold grasshoppers or crickets, look after them as pets and to listen to their chirping. A popular pastime in Ancient China was to also hold cricket fights with peers. The toy explores the relationship and balance between man and nature in both ancient and modern times.
The piece is made in solid 9ct gold using traditional gourd craft as well as filigree craft for the stridulation sound holes. The sound travels through these delicate insect forms carved across the surface which is also embellished with diamonds. To maintain the toy’s functionality, the bottle has a nylon cord that pulls up and down to facilitate the opening and closing of the cap.



Material: 9ct Gold, 0.18ct Diamond, 2.47ct Cordierite

Weight: 105.136g