All the Vogue by Keerthana Kunnath


London-based photographer Keerthana Kunnath brings up together makeup artist Yong Chin Marika Breslin and Stylist Alice Secci for this stunning editorial All the Vogue.  Roxxane and Siobhan are the models of the series. Keerthana Kunnath’s images are a medium that opens dialogue around self-expression and individuality.

“As an artist, I am keen on reflecting on ideas of gender and identity. Through my work, I aim to unravel stories of my subjects while keeping the ingenuity and emotions intact. Aiming to catalyse between the binary and non-binary, I wish to go beyond the societal conventions of gender through visual storytelling. ‘All the Vogue’ is an amalgamation of the 30s Cicil Beaton self-portraits and the 80’s New York Club Kids which acts as an intersection between sexually liberated attitudes and quirky fashion. The idea is about being transgressive about the long determined feminine or masculine character of clothing! ”

Photography and art direction by Keerthana Kunnath / Instagram: @kee_dinesh
Makeup by Yong Chin Marika Breslin / Instagram: @ymuabreslin
Styling by Alice Secci / Instagram: @iamaliceice
Hair by Kiara by Scorzelli / Instagram: @kiarascorzelli
Models are Roxxane Ireland signed at Agency Contact Models / Instagram: @roxx._.xxanne
Siobhan signed at agency Grey Model Agency / Instagram: @siobhan_blackburn

Brands are: Dosisg 6c x jewellery
Ilaria Lepore x black leather sleeves, black feathers trousers, black skirt
Fennuala Belle x White dress, white shirt, black corset
Gloria Jane Royer x pants-shoes, brown and green overall, white sleeves
Tuncer Tonun x Red Cape, short skirt