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7.46g per dose, AU750, ring

7.46g per dose, AU750, ring

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The 18K gold and white diamond fishtail ring with half the ring in diamonds and half in gold is a beautiful and unique piece of jewelry crafted from high-quality materials. The ring is made from 18K gold, known for its durability, beauty, and timeless elegance.

The ring features a stunning fishtail design with a diamond fishtail detail that adds an elegant and intricate touch to the piece. Half of the ring is made up of white diamonds, while the other half is made up of white gold with a band of yellow gold. This design creates a beautiful contrast between the two materials, with the diamonds adding a touch of luxury and sophistication to the piece.

The white diamonds that are set into the ring are carefully selected for their quality and clarity, ensuring that they catch the light beautifully and sparkle with every movement.

Metal: 18K gold 7.7g
Stone: 0.985ct diamond

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