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46g per dose, necklace

46g per dose, necklace

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This necklace design is a stunning and unique piece of experimental jewelry. It features white gold and diamond chains holding an urchin-shaped pendant. The diamonds are set along the length of the chain and fill the pendant, creating a sparkling and luxurious effect.

The pendant itself is designed in the shape of an urchin, adding a sense of texture and dimension to the piece. The use of diamonds throughout the pendant and chains adds a sense of luxury and glamour, making this necklace an ideal choice for special occasions.

Additionally, a drop-shaped diamond rests below the urchin-shaped pendant, adding a touch of movement and depth to the necklace. This design feature helps to draw the eye and add interest to the overall look of the piece.

Overall, this experimental necklace design is a bold and luxurious statement piece that is sure to turn heads. The combination of white gold and diamonds creates a timeless and sophisticated feel, making it a perfect accessory for any special occasion.

Materials: 18K gold, white diamond

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