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26.47g per dose, ear cuffs

26.47g per dose, ear cuffs

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Introducing our stunning white gold ear cuff, featuring a detachable dish filled with natural tsavorite gemstones in the signature Cocoon metamorphosis design. Crafted from premium white gold, this ear cuff is a luxurious and sophisticated addition to any jewelry collection.

The detachable dish is filled with beautiful tsavorite gemstones, known for their rich color and believed to symbolize growth and prosperity. The dish opens in the shape of our signature Metamorphosis design, adding a touch of elegance and uniqueness to the piece.

This ear cuff is perfect for those seeking a statement piece that is both luxurious and unique. The combination of the white gold and tsavorite gemstones creates a timeless and sophisticated feel that is perfect for any special occasion.

Materials: 18k gold, tsavorite

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