Dosisg6c is a new and innovative jewellery brand. The name is derived from the word ‘dose’, signifying how each piece is a precisely measured work of art.  We take great pride in exploring traditional Asian filigree craftsmanship and exquisite carving techniques, carrying forward the charm of Asian craftsmanship in contemporary design. 

Our journey began with a deep fascination for the complexity of jewellery craftsmanship and the perfect balance of various elements. Just like preparing medicine, Dosisg6c blends different elements to create intoxicating pieces of jewellery, reflected in the prescription like names ‘40g Per Dose’. 

 Our commitment to quality is unwavering, much like a well-aged remedy that stands the test of time. Dosisg6c is more than just a jewellery brand, it's our endeavour to preserve an ancient craft and embark on an innovative adventure.


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