The name Dosisg6c is an alchemist’s gauntlet to the times and an oath to our philosophy. Our approach embodies a commitment to transparency, from the source of materials used to the weight of each element. Each dose breaking boundaries and exploring craftsmanship to bring balance to beautiful things. 

  Dosisg6c seek to find balance between the Pythagorean notion and the idea of Zen Buddhism. Creating a new language for contemporary jewellery through Chinese traditional filigree and Japanese engraving royal craftsmanship.

   Explore the relation between us and nature, finding the balance between artificial and natural pattern is our intention to continue in all series and add on, believing that what’s left is called timeless.

Innovation is the ultimate experiment and is integral to Dosisg6c's creative process and business operations. Experimentation reveals new and unforeseen obstacles that interfere with traditional methods, this is the source of our continuous evolution.  Through research and development of materials and manufacturing processes, we are proposing a new, responsible fashion system. 

R&D in our London lab and handcrafted with natural stones and precious metals.  




GBC Jewelry Company Ltd

71-75 Shelton Street

Covent Garden

London, WC2H 9JQ




1 Building, 106 FengZeDong Road

Guangzhou 510000