THE RITUALS (طقوس) ISSUE with Tsunaina

This issue features the otherworldly artist Tsunaina, multi-faceted musician Rimon, multidisciplinary artist Nadine Mos, courageous pole dancer Neda (AKA Hijabiluscious) and many more.

Drawing influence from her warm spirit and transcendental nature, the shoot incorporates earthy, aquatic elements fused with cultural aspects of her beautiful heritage 🌎

Photography + Creative Direction @jameelaelfaki
Photography Assistant @macaulay_charlotte
Production @sunayah._
Set Design @evarhussayni
Set Consultant @adeyumyum
Set Assistant @haraspyrou
Art dept & Production Assistant @emmabouraba
Styling @ellaluciaa
Styling Assistant @mirandamikkola
Makeup @beck_davenport_mkup
Hair @kachikatsuya
Henna @me.a.snowflake @huqthat

Words & Interview @sunayah._